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THE FLOWER GIRL (Phantom of the Opera)

Erik could never honestly say he loved her.

She worked in a flower shop and wasn’t beautiful, though she was a little odd. Somehow, Erik still decided to marry her.

Leroux-based.  A slightly more realistic version of Erik/Another woman.

It wasn’t that she was particularly beautiful, because she wasn’t. Her hair was the same dark brown as a million other women, and her eyes were a dark green…pretty, but not stunning. She did not have the flawless skin of a porcelain doll, with soft blushes and long, dark lashes and red lips as a certain other woman did.


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INNOCENCE (Phantom of the Opera)

“Christine was not murdered! She is not dead! She is alive, I tell you! Alive!”

Erik is accused of killing Christine Daae, but he insists that she is still alive.

A Leroux-based Phantom of the Opera oneshot.

"I’m afraid you’re going to have to leave it," said the guard sternly. He tore the thick manuscript from the shaking man’s hands, and threw it to his partner. The shaking man watched as the whole bundle – entitled Don Juan Triumphant – was tossed into the flames contained in the fireplace. With a strangled cry, the man attempted to fling himself into the fire after it, but was quickly restrained, then tossed into a cold cell, the door slamming shut on him.

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